Chalice has been serving children in Ghana since 1997 in three sites in rural communities in the far northern region of the country, which is highly under-developed when compared to the southern regions.

Communities in the rural north have little to no access to schools, transportation, or public services, which contributes to an existing feeling of disenfranchisement among the rural populations. The erratic climate consistently threatens agricultural output and leads to food insecurity. The majority of young adults move to the prospering southern regions, leaving behind communities that are disproportionately elderly and vulnerable.
Chalice - education and literacy rates in Ghana
Through the support of sponsors and donors, Chalice and our local partners focus on:
  1. Education – Bringing quality educational facilities to under-served rural areas.
  2. Adult education - Empowering women with literacy, skills training, health, and their basic rights.
  3. Agriculture – Implementing programs that improve access to clean water and up-to-date information. With improved growing conditions comes greater food security for the families.

Our sites in Ghana:

Wa – Chalice has  partnered with Diocese of Wa and Lassia Tuolu Parish in the rural town of Wa since 1997. Under the direction of Pele Abraham Bright, the site implements the sponsorship program in 11 subsites, which are primarily Catholic primary and junior high schools, as well as one nursery. The site conducts programs to prevent and treat Hepatitis B, which is endemic in the region. In addition to sponsorship, the site provides leadership training, workshops on health and community issues, and cultural celebrations for the community.
Annual Report 2019 for Wa - Read about our Year!

SFD - School for the Deaf - Chalice has partnered with the Wa School for the Deaf as its own site since 2013. Under site director Guong Nicholas, the school offers a nursery program, primary, secondary, and vocational education. Along with deaf students, the school serves children from very poor families and children with intellectual disabilites. In addition to sponsorship, the site provides employment skills such as bread-baking and catering services. The site also provides entrepreneurship training and sign language training for women.
Annual Report 2019 for SFD - Read about our Year!

Nandom – Chalice partnered with Nandom Parish in 2013. Site director Boniface W. Nakaar oversees the sponsorship program which supports parents and guardians through DFF (Direct Family Funding).  All sponsored children attend school, with most of the schools receiving support through Chalice Children Nutrition. The site also provides regular medical workshops on urgent health issues such as Hepatitis B and HIV/AIDS, which are endemic in the region. The site places a special emphasis on promoting the value of educating girls.
Annual Report 2019 for Nandom - Read about our Year!

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