Funding Request: $1,508.51 CAD

Critical Need: CN CAS1023

Marlene is 67 years old and lives with her daughter, Luisa, and her granddaughters Valentina and Antonia. Marlene is a field worker with Chalice’s Arica sponsor site. She has excelled in her work and her colleagues see her spirit of solidarity make positive impacts over many years.

Sr. Jane’s surgery and post-surgery care, Meru, Kenya

Two years ago, Marlene had a strong adverse reaction to her COVID-19 vaccine. She had pain in her legs, her eyes were bloodshot, and she had trouble eating. She went to the ER in Arica, but they did not have the specialty staff or diagnostic equipment to adequately diagnose her.

Marlene decided to travel to the capital, Santiago, to seek out specialists. They have performed a battery of tests, including a vascular ultrasound, tomography and X-rays, blood tests, Biochemical tests, and a test to rule out rheumatoid arthritis. So far, her doctors have not been able to find a conclusive diagnosis.

She is undergoing treatment with a special non-gluten diet, gentle walks, body creams, and wearing compression stockings.  

Each test and specialist consultation are a private expense for Marlene and her family. This medical mystery is generating bills that she and Luisa cannot afford, and they are becoming food insecure. Her colleagues at the Arica site have therefore requested $1,508.51 CAD to cover Marlene’s battery of diagnostic tests, specialist consultations, and four months of grocery support.

Funding Request: $1,458 CAD

Critical Need: CN KMT0923

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