Funding Request: $11,220.44 CAD

Critical Need: CN BYC0923

Luis grew up under the loving care of his grandmother, Rosa, after losing both parents to illness as a baby. Rosa supports Luis and his two brothers with her work as a laundress. Luis is now in grade nine and works occasionally to support his own studies. Luis had been sponsored through Chalice’s Yapacaní site for a period but has been retired for several years. 

brain surgery for Luis, Bolivia

Luis was going to his uncle’s house on a motorcycle, when it collided with a pier that was not marked. He was thrown from the bike and hit a pile of stones on the edge of the road. After two hours, he had a severe headache, vomiting, and he lost consciousness. 

At the hospital, he was diagnosed with temporoparietal subdural hematoma (intercranial bleeding) with traumatic subarachnoid hemorrhage (bleeding around the brain). He needed an emergency operation to survive. To save his life, the family had to transfer Luis to the closest hospital that could perform this surgery and offer post-operative intensive care (ICU). 

He underwent surgery in early September 2023 and transferred to the ICU in a coma. He awoke after four days, but still under a ‘reserved prognosis.’ He needs full-time hospitalization, but his family is trying to transfer him to a publicly funded facility. 

Rosa approached the Yapacaní sponsor site staff looking for help. The staff understood the urgency of Luis’ case and Rosa’s decision to take her grandson to a private hospital for surgery. They also see that Luis’ recovery depends on continuous medical care. Rosa no longer has the financial resources to cover these expenses or repay the bills incurred to date. Family and friends are mobilizing to raise funds through a solidarity kermesse, collecting donations in schools, and holding raffles.  

The Yapacaní site staff have put forward a request for $11,220.44 CAD to cover his emergency consultation and emergency room care, assessments by the internist and neurosurgeon, diagnostic scans and tests, medication, operation, ICU stay, prescriptions, craniotomy surgery fees and post-surgical medications.

Funding Request:  $11,220.44 CAD

Critical Need: :CN BYC0923

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Please note that any donations that exceed the request will be used to fund other critical need emergencies that may arise.

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