Caroline is 49 years old and is a single mother living with her twins, Allan and Ian, who are in university. In 2017, Caroline started experiencing eye problems.

Chalice critical needs - medical expenses for Caroline, Nairobi, KenyaCaroline has been under prescription medication since she first noticed the problem, but last year her eyesight deteriorated and she began having severe migraines. Her doctor advised her to buy glasses, but the prescription lenses and their frames were beyond her means. Caroline thought she could manage without them and treat the migraines with the medication she was already used to taking. But both her migraines and her vision worsened still.

Caroline is the breadwinner for her family, but she cannot currently keep full-time work with her poor vision and frequent illness. Her twin sons also need daily prescription medication. Ian has a Chalice sponsor, and he has received support from Chalice donors for these medical expenses in the past. Through their ongoing relationship, the Nairobi site staff could see that Caroline sometimes struggled to meet the medical needs of her family on top of their educational and daily needs.

Caroline approached the Nairobi sponsor site staff for advice and assistance with the cost of her glasses. They reviewed the price of her optical lenses and frames, which comes to $229.33 CAD. The site requested this amount on Caroline's behalf.

The site staff is confident that the glasses will help resolve her difficulties and allow her to keep steady employment again. They will also engage the support of a Chalice family circle, who are doing income-generating projects, to help Caroline start her own small business initiative to improve her family's financial security.

Funding Request: $229.33 CAD
Critical Need: CN KNS0822

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