Gian Franco is a positive and committed field worker supporting five family circles in our Chiclayo site. He has also been struggling with an inflammatory disease since he was 19 years old.

Chalice critical needs - Medical expenses for Gian Franco, Chiclayo, PeruGian Franco, 25, recently confided in his colleagues that he has had ongoing colorectal pain and bleeding since 2015 but was not able to afford treatment. He finally saw a doctor in 2021, who conducted diagnostic scopes and determined that Gian Franco has ulcerative proctitis, a chronic inflammatory bowel disease. But he could not attend a follow-up for another year after that and was not able to continue the treatment due to the expense. He is currently the sole breadwinner for his 75-year-old grandmother and his 54-year-old mother.

He saved up for another consultation this year, and his doctor urgently requested clinical tests, a colonoscopy and biopsy to evaluate the state of the disease and necessary medications. Gian Franco's health situation has become an emergency, because if it is not treated quickly, it could cause a chronic ulcer, which could become cancerous.

The diagnostic tests and treatment will generate medical expenses of $1,028.85 CAD, which Gian Franco cannot afford. But his colleagues at the Chiclayo site are committed to accompanying their young colleague through his treatment and ensuring that he is not required to delay or halt treatment due to lack of funds.PCC0922large2

Therefore, they have requested financial assistance on Gian Franco's behalf. With the emergency fund, he will undergo the blood tests, colonoscopy, and biopsy. He will consult with the doctors, review the results, and purchase all the necessary medication.

Gian Franco has become a pillar of his team at the Chiclayo site and the family circles he accompanies all say how encouraging and supportive he is. Everyone will be eager to have their friend and colleague back to work, healthy and able to focus on his dreams for the whole community.

Funding Request: $1,028.85 CAD
Critical Need: CN PCC0922

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