Petchiammal is a 37-year-old mother of three, running a busy household while managing her insulin levels. 


In late April, Petchiammal noticed a small blister on her left leg, but wasn't concerned. After five days, the blister had grown and festered, and was very painful. She went to the hospital, where the doctors assessed that it was not healing because of her diabetes. The tissue damage had become so severe that her medical team made the difficult decision to amputate Petchiammal’s leg below the knee.

She stayed in the hospital after the surgery for six days and was then discharged. She underwent a follow-up procedure the following week to close the skin around the amputation. She is now attending regular follow-up treatments and her blood sugar is normal.

Petchiammal is learning to use her walker and regain some independent mobility. But she will be unable to do physical work for the foreseeable future. Her husband struggles to meet the family’s needs as an agricultural labourer. The family has been grateful that one of their children, Kurunguli, is supported by a Chalice sponsor through the Madurai sponsor site. But this life-changing emergency has incurred medical expenses that Petchiammal and her husband cannot afford.

The expenses have amounted to $2,196.29CAD, which include Petchiammal’s medicine, consultations, diagnostic tests and imaging, ICU charges, surgical costs, blood transfusions, dressings and after-care, and physiotherapy.

The Madurai site staff became aware of Petchiammal’s situation and have therefore requested financial assistance to cover these bills, allowing the young mother to focus on her rehabilitation and her family as they recover together.

Funding Request: $2,196.29CAD
Critical Need: CN IMH0822C

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Please note that any donations that exceed the request will be used to fund other critical need emergencies that may arise.

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