Nayeli was born with a condition called microcephaly and attends multidisciplinary outpatient services to ensure she is healthy and growing well. Nayeli is 16 and lives with her parents in a small house near our Don Bosco sponsor site in Paraguay.

PDO0822largeHer mother, Valentina, has taken charge of Nayeli's home-based care. She does not have time to keep outside employment, and so Nayeli's Chalice sponsor is a great support for the family.

Nayeli was fitted with a gastronomy button two years ago and relies on it for her nutrition. G-buttons need regular changing as children grow and their bodies change. Nayeli's current button is starting to wear out and malfunction, which places her at risk of undernutrition. She is beginning to lose weight and so she needs to replace the button urgently.

Nayeli also drinks a powdered nutrition supplement that boosts her protein and vitamins and will help her restore to a healthy weight. She drinks about three containers' worth per month, but her family's limited resources have prevented them from buying it this summer.

Valentina approached the Don Bosco site staff to request financial help with Nayeli's gastronomy button replacement operation and a renewed supply of her supplement drink. The cost of the button and a two-months' supply of the supplement is $863.12 CAD. With this help, Nayeli will improve her nutrition, restore her weight, and continue to grow up healthy and energetic.

Funding Request: $863.12 CAD
Critical Need: CN PDO0822

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