Project Location: Ayolas, Paraguay
Project Code: PAA0921

Background: Chalice has partnered with the Centre for Children and Adolescents, a project of the Diocese of San Juan Bautista de Las Misiones, since 2013. The area is rural, and most families rely on fishing and agriculture for their incomes.

Chalice community projects - Equipping field workers and sponsor site staff, ParaguayChildren sponsored through the Ayolas sponsor site come from one of 24 communities spread out across the region.

Chalice's site staff in Ayolas face daily challenges with the geographical expanse of their region and the distance between all of the children and families in their care. They must use their own vehicles or motorbikes to conduct any in-person visits, meetings, or training. The staff also must make regular tripes to the largest city in the region, 120 km away, to do official work at the diocesan office, make purchases, and do any administrative processes required by the government.

Another challenge is a lack of places to gather the families for  family circle meetings, workshops, and training. The staff must coordinate among very few options, which limits the programming they can offer and has an outsized impact on the families in the most remote communities.

The Ayolas sponsor site staff have therefore requested the items that would alleviate these barriers to their work. They have requested a site-owned vehicle for field work, as well as two mobile canopy tents and a portable sound system which can become instant at halls and workshop venues, regardless of the remoteness of the location. The staff have also requested assistance to buy basic office technology, including two computers and a photocopier, to modernize their records, administrative functioning, and communications with staff in Canada.

The items will be sponsor site assets and will be managed and maintained by the site and its leadership. Chalice's Latin American Regional office also has laid out procedures and rules governing use of Chalice vehicles, which will ensure the safe and proper use of the site vehicle.

The total cost of this project is $25,622.00 CAD. This includes the cost of a truck and its insurance, two notebook computers, two mobile tents, a microphone and speakers, a table, 30 plastic chairs, and a printer. This equipment will help the staff carry out their vital work with 659 sponsored children and their families.

Budget in Canadian Funds: $25,622.00

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Please note that any donations that exceed the request will be used to fund other community projects/programs that may arise.

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