Project Location: Nandom, Ghana
Project Code: GNN0521

Background: Chalice opened the Nandom sponsor site in 2007, a church-based charity organization managed by lay people. The site is named for the town where it's based, a small community in the far northwestern corner of the country. The families we work with live in rural villages with very few services or resources. Across Ghana, only 18% of people have access to basic sanitation services, and another 18% are meeting their needs in fields or forests.

Chalice community projects - Sanitary latrines for rural villages, GhanaLocal health authorities in Nandom conducted a survey of the families in their area. They discovered that the existing latrine structures the families were using were largely made of mud, which would collapse in heavy rains, becoming serious safety hazards. Many families were opting instead to go to surrounding fields and forests. A lack of proper facilities or handwashing was spreading diseases. Common illnesses caused by a lack of sanitation include dysentery, cholera, typhoid, and diarrhea.

This project will construct 120 pit latrines that will serve about 3,250 people in rural Nandom. The Nandom sponsor site will install Kumasi Ventilated Pit Latrines (KVIP), which properly dispose of waste and have design features that control odours and flies. The technology has been in use in Ghana for many years and is highly recommended by health and environment officials.

The commuity will participate in project planning, and the site will hire local people to do the construction. Each community will also establish a committee that will be responsible for overseeing the project to its completion and will monitor their proper use and maintenance in the long-term. The Nandom site staff will offer training to the community about the proper use and care of their new facilities. They will also create opportunities during Chalice family circle meetings and community events to conduct education for parents and children about proper handwashing and hygiene. Their goal is to reduce cases of sanitation-related diseases by 35-50%.

With the  cost of materials and labour, each KVIP latrine costs approximately $685 CAD to construct. The construction of these 120 latrines in rural Ghana will greatly improve the health, safety, and dignity of 250 sponsored children and their families, and an additional 3000 community members.

Budget in Canadian Funds: $82,242.64 CAD

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