PTT0218aProject Location: Tondo (Manila), Philippines
Project Type: Health
Project Code: PTT0218

Background: Poverty, severe malnutrition, and disease are an everyday reality for the residents in the slums of Manila.

In the Tondo district, Chalice has partnered with Bless the Children Foundation since 2014. The foundation oversees the sponsorship program which runs through the school year and has summer activities for the children. The site provides regular daily meals, supported by the Chalice Children Nutrition Program, as well as supplemental nutrition for those children suffering from anemia and vitamin deficiency. As part of sponsorship, the site provides extra-curricular activities in arts, dance, music, and remedial tutoring in Math and English. The site conducts awareness programs such as prevention of violence against women and children, children's rights, hygiene, and parenting skills. They also provide vocational skills training for parents.

PTT0218bA major health issue that is very prevalent within our sponsor site is tooth decay and gum disease. One earlier Department of Health survey revealed that 97.1% of six-year-old children suffer from tooth decay. Toothache is a common ailment among school children and is the primary cause for absenteeism from school. Dental Caries (scientific term for tooth decay or cavities caused by specific types of bacteria) was identified as the fourth most prevalent disease affecting children after stunting, underweight, and anaemia - all of which are side effects of malnutrition. At the Chalice Tondo Sponsor Site, almost 100% of our 1325 children were diagnosed with tooth decay, impacting anywhere from two to almost all of the child's teeth.

In August 2017, our Chalice Sponsor Site, in collaboration with the Filipino Chinese Dental Association, launched the program 'Zero Cavity for Chalice Sponsored Children in Tondo'. Their definition of zero cavities is when the child is free from dental caries and is orally fit, e.g. cavities filled and teeth restored; healthy gums; unsavable teeth extracted; pit and fissure sealants applied; and topical fluoride therapy completed. Once treatments are completed, the child would be scheduled for check-up in six months or earlier depending upon the oral condition of the child. The program has proven to be very successful, with almost 30% of our sponsored children having achieved zero cavities to-date and another 44% in progress. Funding has come through grant support for the site; however, that funding has run out.

Project Objectives: The objective of this project is to have zero cavities for all remaining sponsored children and their siblings - estimated to be 2600 beneficiaries in total, including 600 sponsored children. The request for funding is to cover wages for dentists, dental assistants, dental restorative materials, and other consumables. Our sponsor site partner, Bless the Children Foundation, has an existing dental clinic in place, including ten portable chairs which they have made available for use. Total amount of funding requested to complete this project by the end of August 2019 is $25,863.58.

Budget in Canadian Funds: $25,863.58

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Please note that any funds that exceed the request will be used to fund other Community Projects that may arise.
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