Project Location: Saint Dominique Site, Haiti
Project Code: HDP ULL0723

Our Lviv sponsor site is in the city and periphery of Lviv, close to the Polish border. Chalice has sponsored children here since 1999. Originally a sub-site of our Pochaiv site, Lviv became a standalone site in 2019.

Tutoring in Ukrainian Language, Literature and Mathematics, Lviv, Ukraine

All grade 12 students in Ukraine must take national exams in Ukrainian language, literature, and mathematics. Their results determine if and how students can progress to post-secondary studies. If struggling students do not pass these exams, their options for future endeavors become much narrower.

Parents with financial means often hire tutors for their grade 12 students to prepare them to succeed. But sponsored children’s families cannot afford this service. Therefore, the Lviv sponsor site has partnered with Chalice for the past two years to provide tutoring for all sponsored grade 12 students in these three key subjects.

Last year, 11 students participated. All of them succeeded and are continuing their education. Eight students entered higher educational institutions. Of them, five had such high marks that they earned free tuition through state programming. Three students are continuing their studies at vocational schools and lyceums (schools that provide advanced training in a specialized area, like math or languages).

This third cohort is composed of 18 sponsored and two non-sponsored senior high school students. Participants will receive 144 hours of tutoring from professional instructors over nine months. Training will be conducted both online and offline. The schedule is flexible, adapting to the conditions of war in Ukraine, and the likely event of disruption caused by air-raid sirens and protocols to get students to shelter.

The total budget for the nine-month program is $47,567.97 CAD. This includes tutoring payments for 20 students, and two textbooks each.

With your support, twenty graduates will have the opportunity to better prepare for the exams and succeed, launching a bright future – wherever it takes them.

Budget in Canadian Funds: $47,567.97 CAD

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