Project Location: Saint Dominique Site, Haiti
Project Code: HDP HHN0923  

Our Saint Dominique sponsor site is in Titanyen,  just outside the capital, Port-au-Prince. Chalice has been partnering with the Fondation Montesinos, who run the Pierre Salvatti Orphanage, since 2018. The site is named for the children’s school, L’Institution Saint Dominique.

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Haiti is in a crisis of political violence, gang warfare, and economic instability. Haitian families are food insecure and on the verge of famine. The price of food has escalated beyond the means of the average family, and many basic commodities have become rare. The site staff are seeing a rise in childhood malnourishment. Adding to this, people are fleeing the capital and moving in with relatives in calmer areas. Households are growing, and the availability of food is not.

In partnership with Chalice, the St. Dominique site staff will provide extra funds to sponsored children and site staff to purchase food locally. Each sponsored child’s family and staff member will receive an equal amount, distributed quarterly.

The local environment is too dangerous for the site to do a bulk distribution of food. Direct cash transfer is more secure and gives more autonomy to families to buy what they need based on what is available in their local markets.

Chalice is raising $25,300.00 CAD to give 275 families the funds they need to buy food, which will help 525 people eat a daily meal, combat malnutrition, and gain hope. 

Budget in Canadian Funds: $25,300.00 CAD

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Please note that any donations that exceed the request will be used to fund other community projects that may arise.

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