Project Location: Samar, Philippines
Project Code: CP PSS0423

Our Samar sponsor site is in Laoang municipality in Northern Samar province. Chalice has been partnering with the Bethlehem House of Bread in Bulacan since 1999, and this satellite location became its own sponsor site in 2013. 

Chalice community projects - Construction of 35 new houses, Madurai, India

Stable, secure housing is a constant challenge. Many homes are constructed of make-shift, light and/or recycled materials such as tarpaulin, bamboo slats, and nipa grass roofs. These cannot withstand the wind and rain that consistently passes through the region and are damaged or decimated in storms and typhoons.  These homes have collapsing windows and ceilings, lack proper ventilation and sanitation, leak and flood often. Many households are trying to accommodate children and grandparents, often in a single room. These overcrowded and unreliable homes are not healthy environments for children. Children fall behind in school because they don’t have a conducive space to study or do homework. 

In response, the Samar site has launched a project to build safe, secure houses for 15 families in most dire need. The 15 families are composed of 28 sponsored children, 54 siblings and 29 parents – making an average of five children per household. 

Each 25.8 m2 household will be made of concrete with timber roofs. The single-level homes will have space for a separate living area, bedroom, and washroom. They will be fully plumbed and wired for electricity. 

The budget for this six-month project is $125,576.32 CAD. This includes all concreting, masonry, carpentry, roofing, plumbing, architectural, fixtures, electrical, doors, windows and ancillary items. Each beneficiary will contribute ~$485.32 CAD and sweat equity in the form of labour, helping the mason and carpenter. 

After the families move in, the Samar site staff will occasionally check in on the families to ensure that the house is well-maintained, the members are healthy, and the children are progressing well in school and in life. They expect that these new homeowners will open their homes to other families in times of storms and other hardships. 

Your support will help 111 people in 15 families to go home to a safe and secure house that endures extreme weather. 82 children will be able to study and thrive in a comfortable environment and form closer attachments with their families.

Budget in Canadian Funds: $125,576.32 CAD

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Please note that any donations that exceed the request will be used to fund other community projects that may arise.

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