Project Location: Laoang, Philippines
Project Code: HDP PSL0522

The Samar sponsor site, with Chalice support, is running a supplementary feeding program in the elementary school, serving 430 nutritionally vulnerable kindergarten and elementary students. 

Chalice has been partnering with the Bethlehem House of Bread in Bulacan since 1999.
Their satellite location in northern Samar became its own sponsor site in 2013. The Samar site runs the Liceo de Bethlehem elementary school as well as supporting a small number of sponsored elders and children with disabilities who learn outside of the Liceo.alnutrition is a continually growing problem in the Philippines. Many of the families rely on small-scale livelihood such as fishing and coconut farming to sustain their family's needs. Many have difficulty affording the food needed for a healthy, growing child. Many children in the Laoang area suffer from malnutrition and stunted growth. They eat too little at home and then burn their energy all day at school, and their hunger affects their abilities to learn, focus and socialize.

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The Samar sponsor site, with Chalice support, is running a supplementary feeding program in the Liceo, serving 430 nutritionally vulnerable kindergarten and elementary students. Their program’s objectives focus on reducing malnutrition and food insecurity. The staff work to increase parents’ awareness on proper nutrition and empower the families to be self-sustaining through education workshops and backyard gardens. The school meals also have the positive impact of improving school attendance and academic performance, in addition to the health the children and their families. Outside of the school setting, the program also reaches children with disabilities and helps with their physical development and ensures that elders in the community can access nutritious foods.

This year, the program will support 348 Chalice sponsored children and elders, their 1800 family members, and 86 non-sponsored community members.                  

At the school, the children eat lunch from Monday to Friday, and children with additional needs receive milk or supplementary food. Parents organizes themselves and take turns in cooking the meals in the school. The teachers assist in serving the kids. The Chalice family circles who run food production businesses, such as poultry, eggs, pigs, and vegetable gardens sell their produce to the program. The program pays the family circle businesses the going retail price, which keeps the program money with the Chalice families.philippines samar girl nutrition weigh scale check up 2020 2

Every month, staff monitor and evaluate the height, weight, and nutritional progress of the children. Every quarter, they visit the children and elders’ homes to check up on the health and hygiene of the families and offer suggestions for improvement. They are constantly checking in on the health and nutritional progress of the children with disabilities and elders who are receiving monthly food packages in their homes. The teachers and staff will integrate health and nutrition topics in the children's lessons and run fun educational activities for the parents to promote nutrition, such as recipe sharing events and cooking demonstrations.

The program will be run by a Project Manager, who will report directly to the Samar site director, Maricel. The manager will monitor food procurement, maintain inventory, facilitate nutrition education and kitchen staff training, and coordinate with supporting local partners for activities such as deworming.                                           

To run this essential 12-month program, the Samar sponsor site has requested $39,159.95 CAD. This includes the 12-month salary for the project manager, food supplies such as 2517.5 kg of poultry and pork, 230 kg of local vegetables, 133 sacks of rice, and 24 bags of powdered milk. It also includes ancillary materials such as soap, detergent, and cooking fuel.

Your support will help 2234 children, elders and family-members combat food insecurity and malnutrition and allow many children to thrive in school and their future pursuits.

Budget in Canadian Funds: $39,159.95 CAD

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