Project Location: Cochabamba, Bolivia
Project Type: Education & Nutrition
Project Code: BPC1220

Background: Chalice has partnered with PENNT since 2007. In Spanish, PENNT stands for School Support Program for Working Boys and Girls.

Project Location: Chiclayo, Peru
Project Type: Education
Project Code: PCC1220

Background: Chalice has partnered with the Hope Centre (Centro Esperanza) in Chiclayo, Peru since 2004.

Guatemala struggles with high rates of malnutrition among children. It is most prevalent in rural areas, where the majority of the population is indigenous families. Corn tortillas take the place of a balanced diet. In this area, families are also impacted by droughts, floods, and soil degradation.

The province of Northern Samar is one of the poorest in the Philippines, with an average of six children in the family and typically one income-earner.

After three years of violent political instability, rocketing inflation and gas shortages, Haiti is in crisis.

The little brick houses that dot the dirt roads of the Loma Merlo community are the humble homes of families and seniors living in extreme poverty.

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