Chalice in Schools provides free multimedia resources to Catholic educators and Chaplains and one-of-a-kind opportunities for Canadian students to engage with their peers in schools in Chalice’s sites in the developing world. Chalice staff will work with educators to create a customized program that works for the needs of their class, and can include live speakers and school-to-school matching and communication.

Educators can choose from any or all of five awareness and fundraising campaigns, depending on the age-level of their students, the duration of the school’s participation, and the poverty issue they would like to focus on.

"I learned that even the smallest donation can make a huge difference. Now I think about how much money we raised, and how much the well we are helping to build will do for the school, and the children who go there. I am very happy that I got to play a role in the raising of the money, and I hope to do this kind of charity work again." - Lara, high school student
School Connections
Our Most Popular Campaign

School Connections is all about making connections with real schools and real students with real needs:
* A school in Canada is connected with a school in one of our sites.
* Both schools exchange introductions and interesting information through student-made videos.
* Both schools regularly pray for each other during the campaign.
* The school in Canada raises funds to help with a specific need of their sister school.
* They receive a report about the benefits provided to the children of their sister school.

Other Campaigns
Campaign Age-Level Liturgical Time/Duration Values Poverty Issue
Step Up to the Plate Elementary Lent - 4 weeks Faith & Commitment Nutrition/Hunger
4 Sundays of Hope All Ages Advent - 4 weeks Respect & Compassion Education, Nutrition, Clean Water, Healthcare
I Can Tell Your Story All Ages Ordinary Time - flexible duration Compassion & Integrity Sponsorship (Education)
Saints Among Us Junior High & High School Ordinary Time  - flexible duration Faith & Respect Education
From Heart to Finish All Ages 3 years Commitment & Integrity Education/Infrastructure
“Chalice was a great opportunity for my students to participate in almsgiving during Lent. It made it easy for them to see how fortunate they are and to help communities in less developed countries.” - Grade 7 teacher
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