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Photo Friday: Our top 5 “Sunshine” Photos!

Welcome to Photo Friday! Each Friday, we share photo collections of our favourite shots from our sponsor sites around the world.    

Keep the sun shining! It’s the last full month of summer, meaning it’s time to get out and enjoy the sun while you still can. Our top 5 ‘Sunshine’ photos remind us the sun is always shining somewhere around the world, even when the clouds around us are grey.  

#5: Snackin’ In The Tree

The sun was shining at our CMAVIL site in Paraguay, and this guy took the opportunity to climb up high. Hey, you’ve got to enjoy the nice weather while it lasts! (As those of us in rainy climates know well…) 

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Sponsorship Helps Family Achieve Their Dreams

When you parent two children with special needs, the way Svitlana and Volodymyur do, you learn to appreciate the small things.  

For them, it’s the happiness and victories of their kids. The faithful parents carry deep trust and support for one another, and their bond has helped them through the hard times. 

Living near our Ternopil site in Ukraine, their daughter Diana has dwarfism and poor eyesight. Her brother Olesksandr is on the autism spectrum, and faces some developmental delays. Between the many moments of joy, there’s been some challenging ones, too.  

At one point, the family was in debt from surgeries and treatments for Diana. Both parents stopped working so they could take care of their children full-time. At that point, any support at all was a precious gift. 

It was then Chalice sponsors entered their lives – people they now consider the heralders of God’s grace.  

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