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Our Board of Directors:

Father Patrick Cosgrove, President

Jerome Pauig, Treasurer

Sister Cecelia Sacca, Secretary

Mary Beth Sanford, Director

Roy Sanford, Director

A Message from the President

On behalf of those we serve around the world, I thank you for your interest in the work being supported by Chalice. Our simple goal is to bring Christ's loving presence to those suffering the sorrowful stress of poverty. This core mission began when one person, responding to Christ's call and the urging of the Holy Spirit, decided to help one other person through sponsorship. It continues today because others joined in that mission.

With thanksgiving, I have seen Christ coming to many children, parents and elderly. Through the sponsorship of a child, or a gift from our catalogue, or the support of a community project, Christ came to a hungry boy as he was fed, to a sick girl or mother when given medication, to a classroom filled with children joyous at the opportunity to go to school rather than be forced into work. I have seen Christ come to a whole community when a school was built, or a clinic supplied, or when several small houses replaced tarpaulin shacks. I have seen Christ come in each of these circumstances because one more person acted on a similar call and urging of God's Spirit.

Today, I hope that person is you.

If so, I pray that through your action, you too will see Christ coming to those in need of His loving kindness.

In Christ,

Fr. Patrick Cosgrove, President

Chalice Inc, PO Box 846011, Boston, MA
02284-6011 USA