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When you sponsor a child, you will be providing life-saving essentials to a child who is in great need of a hand-up to achieve his or her full potential. By providing a child with education, good health and medical care, and improved nutrition, you are positively impacting future generations.

Currently the poorest country in the Western Hemisphere with 80% of the population living under the poverty line and 54% in abject poverty, the earthquake of 2010 further inflicted $7.8 billion in damage and caused the country's GDP to contract. In 2011, the Haitian economy began recovering from the earthquake. However, two hurricanes adversely affected agricultural output and the low public capital spending slowed the recovery in 2012. Two-fifths of all Haitians depend on the agricultural sector, mainly small-scale subsistence farming, and remain vulnerable to damage from frequent natural disasters, exacerbated by the country's widespread deforestation.

When you sponsor a child ...
You will be helping our team in Haiti North give children, all of whom have great futures if given a chance, the opportunity to reach their full potential. Sponsoring a child brings good health through proper nutrition and adequate medical care. Sponsoring a child also gives them the opportunity to attend classes every day and provides them with the fees and materials they need to be successful in their studies, right up to the post-secondary level.
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